Sunday, 6 November 2011

Prince Vlad strikes back

It is no secret that I have a fairly strained relationship with Vlad the Impaler.  Our disagreements go back centuries, and I admit that the original problem was caused due to my impetuous nature.  However, it still does not justify the horrendous curse he placed upon me.

Anyway, having discovered his new dwelling place in Carpathia, I decided to send him a housewarming present - well, actually a house-wetting one to be precise. 

So I created a particularly irksome little storm cloud and sent it to drench his castle.  However, it seems I underestimated his power, because he sent it right back, and it promptly released six months' worth of rain on the citadel. Fortunately, the damage has not been too significant, excepting the damage to the cheese cellar and the flooding of the dungeons.  No one was harmed, though two gnomes had to be rescued from the cheese cellar. What they were doing in there is anyone's guess.    

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