Friday, 27 January 2012

Fantastical Creatures Bobsleigh Challenge

view detailsGrundl Wibblesnapper tells me that the gnomes are making excellent progress in their bobsleigh training. They even managed to stay on the track once this morning, which is surely encouraging.  The infirmary is gradually filling up with the plucky little creatures - but there's always plenty more to take their places.

I can also officially announce that other teams will be entering our newly inaugurated event - The Thunder Mountain Cup (Bobsleigh). Subject to any last minute changes, the teams will be:

  • Black Forest Wood Elves
  • Fingur's Frost Giants (current favourites)
  • The Dwarven Ox-cart Stunt Display Team
  • Puck's Merry Mischief Makers
  • The Robin Hood All Stars (surely out of their comfort zone)
  • The Thunder Mountain Gnomes       
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The event is scheduled for next weekend. Hold on to your hats!!

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