Wednesday, 25 January 2012

My favourite gadgets

Yesterday I found my venerable old butler using a portable phone - which was something of a surprise, because he is barely able to switch on a light - such is his grasp of technology.  It took him an hour to send something called a 'text message' to Mrs Svobodova, and even then I am not sure she received it.  This event got me thinking about my favourite inventions and devices and I have decided to compile a short list:

  • The Internet - very useful for communicating with the whole world.  You may be surprised that the gnomes have been using something similar for centuries called 'GnomeWeb' - invented by Thimbl Fiddlefingers in the Middle Ages.

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  • The MK IV Lightning Maker - this really is the last word in creating true, bright, fizzing bolts. Superb! 

  • Dr Faustus' Gnome Tazer - for when those little creatures need encouragement. Also has a safety catch, thank goodness.

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  • The Orb of Omnivision - probably my favourite. I cannot quite recall where I got it from, but it was from somewhere in the east. It is very useful for seeing what someone is doing anywhere at anytime! Unfortunately, Princess Ruby has banned me from using it and locked it away.  

Well, that's my list.I don't think it is too exhaustive. I will let you know if I can think of anything else.

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