Thursday, 2 February 2012

For your information...

I am woe to report that Mike Evers withdrew The Chaosifier from publication with Trestle Press yesterday due to potential copyright infringements by the publisher.

These are strange days indeed.  

Mike, however, looks forward to re-releasing it as a shiny new edition in the coming months, along with a magical, new tale involving the town of Hopfield. Hooray!


  1. 'Trestlegate' about sums it up, I say.

  2. Ahhhh you guys, it's going to be all water under the train-wreck bridge as you each go into shiny express-train new, improved and reinforced tracks. Journey well, my friends. You too, Mr Vonnegut.

    *You know you can. You know you can. You know you can.*

    ~ Absolutely*Kate

  3. Thank you Kate. Your comment is much appreciated.

  4. Totally agree with Kate - you'll laugh about this one day soon. Crazy stuff, though!

  5. Your comment is also much appreciated, Andrez. From such times of madness and chaos, a golden day will surely arise. Hopefully.

    It feels like a family has been torn apart, however.


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