Monday, 5 March 2012

The Spirit Archer - Cover Poll

GMTA Publishing has been running a poll to select the best cover for Mike Evers' new novella, The Spirit Archer. The publisher has been careful to obtain permission to use the artwork.

Mike is extremely pleased that the cover photo is the actual grave used in the story. It is located on the grounds of the former Kirklees Priory in Yorkshire ('Kirkdale Priory' in the book) and is less than two miles from the author's home.  It is the (alleged) resting place of an extremely famous English outlaw.  However, the story is like no other featuring this legendary character.

Variations of images have been entered in the poll, three of which are on the right hand side of the blog. Feel free to comment.

Splendid work by Kitty at GMTA I must say.


  1. I think I like number one best.

  2. I'd probably have to agree with you. The missus even said the archer looked'sexy' last night. She'd only had one glass of wine!

  3. This is fantastic! Thank you so much Mountain Lord! The praise I am receiving from these covers astounds me to the point of being speechless. I can say that I am extremely happy to be working with Mike Evers and I can see this relationship going a long way! Thank you as well Mike for taking a chance on little ole' me! :D

    Sending you some Southern Hugs!


  4. The pleasure's all mine, Kitty.


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