Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Karkonose Mountains - Some Facts

The Karkonose Mountains (Polish: Karkonosze  Czech: Krkonoše) lie between Poland and the Czech Republic, separating the regions of Silesia and Bohemia.

The mountain range is the source of the mighty River Elbe and is popular in Poland and Czech Republic for skiing, hiking, and various outdoor activities.  It is a very beautiful place and its natural beauty is recognised by the United Nations (Unesco programme) and it is protected as a nature reserve in both countries, where it has been afforded 'National Park' status. 

The region is known for its legends and is sometimes referred to as The Giant Mountains.  In Germanic folklore the mountains provide the location for the ballad: The Shepherd of the Giant Mountains and is also known as the home of a troublesome mountain spirit known as Rubezahl. Oh, that's me by the way, in case you did not know.

The region is featured in Mike Evers' novel, The Chaosifier, where it is the location of my home on Thunder Mountain.  Can you find it on a map, I wonder?  Mike also included some actual locations in the book, for example, Chojnik Castle.

Anyway, that's enough for now. The Karkonose Mountains are such a wonderful place. You really must visit me some time.

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The Karkonose - Wikipedia

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