Saturday, 5 May 2012

Life in the Citadel - An Update

Hi folks,

We have been so busy renovating the citadel lately, that I have neglected to let you know what is happening here on Thunder Mountain.  Princess Ruby has also heard lots of the gossip from the village, so I will attempt to pass on some of the news:

  • The gnomes are on a tour of the Himalayas, which is where many of them came from.  I have been accused of cruelty towards them in the past, and I hope my sanctioning of this trip will go some way towards allaying some of the bad feelings.  I have already heard some reports of their ransacking a bar in Kathmandu, but I will take such unwelcome news merely as hearsay at the moment. 

  • Princess Ruby has begun taking an interest in modern art.  I have nothing against this, really. However, I did get the shock of my life this morning when I tripped over a sculpture installation involving brass penguins. Very strange.

  • My faithful Butler, Stanislav, is still dating the sprightly widow, Mrs Svobodova.  There is even talk of them going an a sightseeing trip in the Jizera Mountains.  I just hope to goodness that he does not have a terrible hiking accident like my head cook, Mrs Petruszka's last two husbands.  Incidentally, I hear the she has met another man, who is also said to be very wealthy. She seems to be getting very rich herself, I notice.

  • In the village, that wily old policeman, Sergeant Valdek, is said to be baffled by a spate of strange happenings - including the appearance of a family of goats on the roof of the village tavern. This has absolutely nothing to do with me, I swear!

Anyway, I hope you are all well.


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