Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Tea and biscuits - with author Paul Brazill

I have to say that is a great honour to be sitting in the citadel bar drinking Thunder Ale with none other than Mr Paul Brazill.  A man regarded in such high esteem for his support and friendship of the citadel that he has earned the rare and coveted title of Honorary Gnome Master.  It is even said that there is a statue of him in Kathmandu, which is worshipped by gnome shamans. I am not completely sure about this, but knowing the man like I do, it would not surprise me in the least.
We are sat overlooking the grand Thunder Gorge from the bar terrace and I can report that we have already seen off half a barrel of ale, as well as most of our supply of Polish beer, Lech, and a rather strange concoction from an odd-shaped, black bottle we found in a spider’s cave. Please forgive me if any of this comes out slurred.

Greetings, Gnome Master. How are you enjoying your visit to the citadel?
It’s a bit high up for me. I get vertigo in thick socks. Nice bar you have here, though. Didn't know you liked Lech beer.

Tell us what is happening to you at the moment as a writer.
Like Robert De Niro, I’m  waiting and talkin’ Italian (talkin’ Italian). Well, actually, the Italian publisher Lorenzo  Mazzoni's Atlantis eBooks are going to be publishing a novelette of mine, which is being translated into Italian as we speak.
The story  is part of a series set in different cities of the world. My story is set in Warsaw, Poland, a city that you know well, I believe? The books are being launched over the summer. Other writers involved include K A Laity and Richard Godwin.

And there are two anthologies out at the moment that I curated, Drunk On The Moon and True Brit Grit (with Luca Veste) - and both are doing very nicely indeed.


Do you have anything exciting lined up for the future?
I’ve stories coming out in a couple of anthologies and hopefully a couple of my ripping yarns will be podcast over the summer. And the Guns of Brixton novella really should surface sometime this year-eyes and legs crossed.

You are a holder of the coveted (and extremely rare) title ‘Honorary Gnome Master’.   What impact has this had on your life?  Can you give us any insights into the incredible world of gnome husbandry? What makes the little creatures tick?
Well, gnome is where the heart is and there’s nothing worse than be gnomeless. But you know what they say, in every dream gnome a heartache.

Well, thank you so much for your time, Paul. I will see if I can get my butler to summon a taxi of some description.  I just know you are going to love the show in the village tavern this evening.  Just do not let on to Princess Ruby that we are going…


  1. How many honorary gnomes do you have to master to get the title?

  2. There are plenty of the little creature to tame, Ms Laity. Perhaps you would like to come and visit us and sample the fine mountain air. Perhaps Ms Kempe would be up for a trip to the Karkonose, too??


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