Friday, 10 August 2012

Campaign of the Gods by Mike Evers - out now!!!

I am honoured to announce that Campaign of the Gods is finally out on Kindle.  The paperback version will follow in the next week or two.

Campaign is the second of The Hopfield Tales and is a companion novella to The Spirit Archer.

Mike is aiming to add one more story to the collection of tales, which is likely to be out early next year. 

Campaign of the Gods is an action romp based on Norse mythology and Vikings.  Whereas Spirit Archer is based on the Robin Hood legend in Yorkshire and the actual location of a gravestone near the author's home, the latest tale involves legendary Viking leader Ivar Ragnarsson, who dwelt in Yorkshire over a thousand years ago.  Ragnarsson's Danish 'Great Heathen Army' made its mark in English history and there is still evidence of the influence of the Danes in the dialect, etymology and traditions of northern England today.

However, I do not think Ivar and his men were expecting to return to Yorkshire in such...erm... interesting circumstances...



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