Sunday, 7 October 2012

Autumn at the Citadel


Oh how I love autumn here at the citadel.

There is just something magical about this time of year. Down in the village the locals are hard at work harvesting the crops and gathering fruit.  It was reported that Old Man Wenceslas took a couple of barrels of his 'Harvest Moon Special' to the village square last weekend and that a good time was had by one and all. Mysteriously, one or two of the men have finally showed up again after disappearing for over a week. Goodness knows where they had got to, and the odd markings and rips on their clothing have raised an eyebrow or two.  I am sure that they will get an earful of rancour from their wife-folk.  But, I guess that's Harvest Moon Special for you.  Whether it is able to temporarily able to transform people into beasts remains the stuff of hearsay. However, I am beginning to suspect that it actually might.

So, things are just grand.  The fireplaces are aglow and the log piles are high.  I am enjoying the occasional walk with Ruby in the woods and I can sense the first frosts are near.  Even the gnomes are excited by the russet and gold colours of the leaf sugars.

Hope you are well.


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