Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Chaosifier - Six Sentence Sunday - October 28th

Midway through the book the chaos machine is beginning to have an increasingly detrimental effect on society. The story has now moved to London, and in this case, a mild-mannered school school teacher has been 'inspired' to organise a terrorist group to hold a supermarket to ransom in Acton Town. Their simple and misguided objective is to 'change product labelling'!

In the face of a growing crimewave, the British government has decided to call in special forces - just as a precaution, of course. The British Prime Minister has absolutely no intention of using them. However, the increasingly random and shocking effects of the Chaosifier are about to be witnessed: In a moment of confusion the SAS are sent in to quell the so-called 'terrorists'. They believe they are facing fanatical and deadly foes. And the SAS do not mess around:

"The SAS blew the back door of the supermarket warehouse off with enough explosives to put a hole in a battleship.  Using advanced room clearing techniques, the troopers filtered into the building and readied their flash-bangs as they approached the corridor leading to the shop floor.  Squinting through the lenses of his gas-mask, the lead soldier surveyed the sturdy door ahead and nodded at a trooper with a shotgun, who tentatively padded over to the door.  As he approached the door, he could see the red laser-sight beams of MP5 machine guns scanning over the door like a giant barcode.  He raised his portal-busting Remington shotgun to the door, and listened to the stun grenades being primed behind him.  He knew it was time to do his job..."

The situation is set. Only the Bifurs (luck goblins) can possibly save the gentle hostage takers...

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