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Tea and Biscuits at the Citadel – DelSheree Gladden @DelSheree

Today I have the multi-faceted DelSheree Gladden sitting next to me. As well as being the author of the best-selling Twin Souls Saga , she also informs me that she has recently qualified as a Dental Hygienist. While her writing skills are clearly without doubt, I decided to check out her dental knowledge by rounding up a few of our denizens.  She bravely examined the mouths of two gnome keepers (who had three teeth between them), four gnomes (who all seemed to have false teeth), two maids (who both had very fine teeth indeed), and a creature we found lurking near the dungeons (which had a few very pointy teeth and scurried away before we could get its jaws fully open).
On DelSheree’s advice we have now put in a bulk order for 2000 toothbrushes and 400 reels of industrial floss.

We are extremely pleased you have journeyed to us in the Karkonose. Can you tell us something about the place where you usually dwell and your background?

  Well, up until last week I was pretty much living at the college I attend, but now that I have graduated as a Dental Hygienist, I actually get to spend a little time at home with my family, who I think have been wondering where I’ve been for the last two years while I’ve been in school. I have spent most of my life in the high deserts of New Mexico. Despite the sand that is constantly being tracked into my kitchen and the tumbleweeds that never stop blowing into our yard, it is a fabulous place to live thanks to the absolute best sunsets and the ample inspiration for new books I find in local myths and culture.

Are you enjoying your visit to the Citadel?
  I am getting a kick out of visiting the citadel! Thanks to school, it’s been a while since I’ve taken a vacation that didn’t revolve around me taking a licensing exam. Even with the gnomes hiding my toothbrush and stealing my socks, I’m taking full advantage of the chance to relax!
ML: I tried to warn you gnomes are sneaky. They know the best way to torment a Dental Hygienist is to hide your toothbrush!

Tell us what is happening to you at the moment as a writer.
  I am getting ready for the release of my newest novel, “Wicked Hunger.” This is the first book in my new series, “SomeOne Wicked This Way Comes,” the story of two siblings cursed with a hunger for pain and destruction who must figure out the truth behind what they are before their entire family is destroyed. “Wicked Hunger” is set to be released July 2013 by GMTA Publishing.

Do you have anything exciting lined up for the future?
On the literary front, I’ve got a whole mess of promoting, blog tours, interviews, etc. lined up for the release of “Wicked Hunger.”
On the personal front, I just graduated from Dental Hygiene school and I will be spending the next few months while I wait for my license looking for a job. Do the Citadel residents need their teeth cleaned?

ML: I think you will find that most of our residents have very few teeth left. It’s their diet, you see. And if you go down to the catacombs there are creatures with very BIG TEETH. We have lost quite a few gnomes down there.

We employ lots of gnomes here at the citadel. They are quite rambunctious and troublesome at times, and often refuse to work. Do you have any tips on looking after them?
Use the same tactic that works on small children and writers who need to meet a deadline. Bribery.
This is how it works:
1.      Find out what the love most and offer it as a reward for working
2.      Give them their chore list
3.      Place what they want on a really high shelf (well, it may not need to be very high, they are gnomes after all) so they can see it, but not have it until they’re all finished.
This usually works pretty well with kids, but if it doesn’t, try chocolate. That pretty much always works on me.

ML: I like your style. Fight sneakiness with… sneakiness.

I have a long running feud with Vlad Dracula, who lives over in Transylvania. He thinks I stole his wife and will not let it lie. Do you any recommendations on how I should deal with the grumpy old curmudgeon?
This one is simple. Find whatever candy you have lying around, and make him a new wife. It worked out pretty well for Peppermint Larry on The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack.

My wife Ruby says I spend too much time in the local village and not enough time counting turnips for her. How can I keep her happy?
Hire a turnip counter and take her on a vacation.

I failed in my last attempt to unleash chaos on the world.  Can you think of a way I should employ my powers to redeem myself and make the world a better place?
Well, you definitely need an army, but you might want to branch out from gnomes. They aren’t the biggest and scariest creatures. Unless you’re going for the subtle takeover attack plan. They could be useful for sneaking into places and causing chaos that way. A really good army is hard to get. My good friend Libby Sparks had to go all the way to the spirit world to rescue hers.

ML: I think I may have to give Libby a call.

How can people find you on this Internet thing-a-me-jig? Do you have a web address or other ways that lovely book fans can read more about you?
Readers can stop by to see what myths have come to life recently at:
ML: Thank you for coming, DelSheree. We wish you much luck in your dental and literary endeavours.



  1. Interesting interview ;) I can not tell you how happy it makes me that a dental hygienist advocated for Chocolate!

    1. lol, it would take a lot to get me to give up chocolate :) Thanks for stopping by Cheryl!

  2. Loved the interview. Sounds like a riveting read.

    1. Thank for taking the time to read, Leigh!

  3. I'm interested with the Wicked Hunger, sounds very thrilling!

  4. Sounds like a great read, thank you for sharing.


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